Why Use An MSBOA Contractor?


Established in 1948, MSBOA members offer the very best the school bus industry can provide…safe and efficient transportation for all of our customers state wide.

Our first priority is student safety. Our average member company provides 46 hours of safety specific training for new school bus drivers along with additional annual training for the veteran driver. Our members averaged less than 0.9 points off per bus in their annual inspections in a study conducted in 2007. In 2019, MSBOA members had a inspection rate 2% higher than non-MSBOA members. 

Our members are actively involved in their communities. They contribute local jobs to the economy – statewide they employ over 6,000 people. They are actively involved in local service clubs, contribute thousands of dollars to charitable organizations and pay on average over $50,000 in property and sales taxes.

Our members take great pride in being the safest, most efficient means of ground travel. They put their name and reputation into safely transporting local school children every day.  


MSBOA members are experts in routing for the local area and know the students they transport.  They can provide efficiencies that are not readily known by consultants and outside groups. 


MSBOA members keep abreast of state and Federal requirements. 


MSBOA members keep in contact with State Agencies and other Stakeholder groups in St. Paul. 


MSBOA members keep an active dialog with their state legislators as well as spending time actively lobbying for safer school transportation. 


Working directly with your local MSBOA Contractor can result in better outcomes for your students in your districts as well as taxpayer savings.


Contact us to see if your contractor is an MSBOA member.